The Troop of Solidarity, founded by Shackal, a well-known rapper from Rio de Janeiro, presents the Rio Anti Pandemia Project, emerging in the midst of the COVID-19 catastrophe.

 The main objective of Rio Anti Pandemia Projects is to provide assistance with food and basic needs to those forced to face the most challenging situation during this pandemic.

 It is a critical moment for part of the population in marginalized areas, who now face hunger and the inability to take care of themselves and their families, even with basic needs.  Quarantine forced many unemployed people and our brothers and sisters lost their already small incomes.  Their basic rights to food and clothing have been compromised.  As the government is not providing the necessary support at this time, the Rio Anti Pandemia Project is leading the way in creating a solution to this urgent situation as soon as possible.

 The Rio Anti Pandemia Project is committed to helping those most in need and those unable to earn a basic living during the period when restrictions on the pandemic are in effect.

 Our allies are our greatest source of support.  With the assistance of local partners and around the world, we hope to reach as many people as possible, bringing love and solidarity to their lives during these difficult times.

 Our goal is to provide donations of basic food packages continuously during this period;  each package will feed a family of 4 for approx.  2 weeks.  Through this product supply initiative, we hope to reduce the stress and the struggle they are currently experiencing.

 We ask that you participate in our initiative with any donation that you can contribute.  Your assistance will be different between food on the table for a family or not.


Donate now and join the solidarity troop in action.

Any donation you can make will be helpful. Donations starting at $50US can supply a basic assistance package to feed two families of four for 2 weeks.

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🎤 ✍🏻 The art and history of Shackal are directly linked to the emergence of Hip Hop in RJ.